How to choose the perfect domain name

How to choose the perfect domain name.

Choosing a domain name is one of the most important first steps in establishing your online presence.

Your domain name is often one of the very first things a site visitor comes across, so it’s important to make sure it’s simple, memorable, and reflects your brand positively.


Your domain name should represent your brand.

Your selected domain name needs to reflect your brand, clearly communicating what you do and what your brand stands for. Always aim to select a domain name that aligns with your brand name or comes as close to it as possible.

This ensures that your website is easily discoverable by customers and improves overall brand recognition and visibility.


Keep your domain name short.

When it comes to a good domain name, shorter names are easier to remember and type.  Lengthy domain names can make things overcomplicated and less memorable.

So, what’s an ideal length? It is recommended to aim for a range of 6 to 14 characters.


A good domain name is easy to remember and easy to type, complicated or uncommon words might make it hard to remember and could cause spelling errors.

 Avoid hyphens and doubled letters.

An ideal domain would be free of hyphens and doubled letters. While there are many exceptions, it’s best to avoid anything that isn’t a letter when deciding on a domain name.

Usually, domain names with hyphens/or doubled letters are not memorable and could possibly create confusion among site visitors when they try to search for your site.

Over thousands of domains are registered every single day. So, if you have figured out a domain name for your site, you must act fast to secure it.

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