With smartphones and tablets reaching every hand, a great mobile app for your business is a must. Xceed is an Australian web/app development company that provides you with the best app development team and creates custom apps with unique designs that make interacting with people easier.

We build interactive and easy to use custom apps for Android and iOS. Gaining new customers on the move is a smart way to grow your business. Our engaging apps will keep you at the fingertips of your customers. It is a time effective way to reach a wider customer base with an eye catching app design. An effortless mobile app experience can give your biggest competitor a run for its money.

Connect, engage and collaborate with your customers anytime, anywhere.


More than 50% of your potential customers are moving their fingers on a smartphone right now. Just one app can give you a wider reach across many devices!

A native app is designed specifically for a particular platform, which is available for direct installation on your device. The benefit of having a native app is that it can make the best use of the operating system and other related software present on that specific platform.

At Xceed, we consult, design and develop a wide range of custom apps for iOS, Android and Windows devices. Our agile team of qualified developers bring an innovative end-user approach to the development of every mobile app we create.

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If you have an application that users can download from a mobile app store, then your business is in a prominent position to connect and engage with your audience.

Our technological methodologies focus on app development for mobile applications that are viewable from every conceivable technology adopted by the generation of our time. Xceed create exceptional custom apps with the notion for an excellent app design which is seamless, user-friendly, responsive design, teamed with the best user interface and user experience.

We are the experts on hybrid application development. Xceed develops a hybrid app for your business without compromising on design or capability.  Hybrid Apps are a consolidation of web technologies e.g. HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, which is bound in a native application platform such as Cordova.


A web app design is a mobile version of a website with enhanced functionality. Web apps are easy to access as you do not have to download them from an app store.

Web apps, can run on various platforms and are easy to access from almost any device that connects to the web.  A great mobile website is essential for any business, especially if you engage in e-Commerce.

At Xceed, we workshop with our clients to understand the challenges that they face and develop mobile web apps that do more than meet a set of functional requirements. We create software that is functional and desirable.

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User Interface (UI)

Having a great UI is just as important as having a great website design!

The art of UI design is to create simple yet so engaging apps.  UI is the most important component in an app or website, which enhances and contributes to the overall experience. With our expertise in cross-platform UI designs, we ensure smooth and seamless navigation across all platforms and devices, providing you with a user-friendly experience.

We at Xceed engineer user designs which are responsive and meet the needs of any daily user. Our team is highly experienced in app development, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, web design tools and other web design technologies. A winning UI is a seamless integration of these technologies and is what your organisation demands.

Xceed makes it all possible.


Hunter Leisure App

An internal web app created for Hunter Leisure.
Hunter Leisure’s state-of-the-art distribution systems ready to adapt and respond to Australian market requirements.

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Sheet Metal Workshop App

A mobile app designed for the professional Sheet Metal Tradesman involved in Workshop Pattern Development.

sheet metal company app design

We build apps that create powerful solutions to meet your business demands.


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