Four Tips For Faster Website Loading

With the internet being such a crucial part of our day-to-day lives, we have become so reliant on it, that we expect information to be at our fingertips instantly. We all can relate to being frustrated with a slow loading website. So much so that a recent study conducted by Brand Perfect discovered that 67 percent of those surveyed cited a slow-running website as their main reason for deserting an online purchase.


Your target audience is within the Australian market; however, your website is hosted on a server in America? No wonder your response time is slower than normal. The fact is that the data has to travel all the way from the server to the user. Simply try hosting your website within Australia.


Ineffective or more often referred to as ‘bulky code’ can create major obstacles for your website. Many CSS coders include white space in order to increase ease of readability throughout the website.

The fact is white space is one of the many obstacles effecting your website load time. White space can more often than not be eliminated while still maintaining readability.

Talk to a professional today about removing the unnecessary line breaks and excess spacing. This will instantly have a positive impact on the loading time for your website.


High-resolution images may look good but they are affecting the loading time of your site and therefore hindering your sales opportunities. Make sure you resize your images and lessen the resolution of them, not ridiculously but enough to speed up loading time.


You can perform a quick speed test for your website by using free online tools. Try this simple tool that even the professionals use –

Simply fill in the details and hit Test Now! The trick is to continue to test your website periodically.

If the load time is over 3-4 seconds then you need to contact the professionals.