Evoke is a rapid application development (RAD) platform that gives you all you need to run your apps across multiple devices. This platform will allow you to deploy as web, hybrid and native apps and integrate and synchronise with existing back-end systems and databases. Using Evoke, you can cut down redundant steps and reinvent apps/ create applications faster.

The Evoke low code, low cost, rapid app development (RAD) platform gives you all you need for your existing team to cost effectively design, develop, and deploy apps quickly across multiple devices.

You can build and innovate web apps/mobile apps that look and act just the way you want them to. From business users to professional developers, anyone can use our modern platform to build apps that is both no-code and low-code.

With Evoke designer you can turn your ideas in to useful, custom business applications. Use Evoke’s collaborative platform with pre-coded modules for standard functions and templates.

Transform your innovative ideas into working software. With Evoke, businesses can build working and responsive software in house that deliver better results, faster.

With our powerful solution, now you can easily refresh your existing web interface/APP without spending too much time and $$ to re-write it.


Based on a single design and code base, Evoke will support the deployment of applications across multiple devices and platforms. Through this platform you can dynamically change a single user interface so that multiple sizes, types and operating systems of these devices are provided for, presenting the users of each device with optimum visual displays. All regular devices are supported including the iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows phone, plus Windows, Linux and Apple desktop.

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Rapid Application Development (RAD) helps prioritising rapid prototyping for testing functions/features and get quick feedback over long development periods and testing cycles. Rapid Application Development (RAD) enables no code/ low-code rapid application development throughout, so businesses can roll-out new apps faster.


Evoke’s smart designer provides you with all you need to turn your ideas into quality apps.

You can quickly design your user interfaces, define and manage your data, and employ Evoke’s guidance and business logic to create your app from scratch. And as requirements change then the Evoke designer allows for speedy customisation of your application, where the single design structure means you only have to make your changes once, and immediately generate the app for multiple devices. Using Evoke you can develop apps for Apple/Android/Windows & web development for all popular browsers.

Data management is a fundamental design feature of Evoke as it presents you with various options as to ways to design your applications without being restricted by the way your data is held. You can access different databases, different types of databases and combine information for optimum use in your app design.

Evoke Rapid App Development platform allows integration with back-end systems, and you can obtain immediate synchronisation of data between your user devices and your back-end databases and systems.


Evoke provides for seamless integration with multiple types of databases, with full synchronisation between local and back-end databases. Multiple types of SQL and MultiValue databases are supported.


Here are just a few of the things you can quickly and easily select while building your Evoke App.

Ease of design and development.

You can build quality apps to meet your current business requirements and respond quickly and efficiently to changing business requirements. You can quickly build your user interfaces, define and manage all your data, and employ Evoke’s guidance and business logic to create your apps. Using Evoke’s drag and drop elements and templates you can create responsive apps within a short period of time.

And as requirements change, then Evoke’s single design structure means you only have to make your changes once, and you can immediately re-generate the app for multiple devices.

Flexibility and unlimited growth.

The key to Evoke’s Rapid Application Development platform is in the flexibility and growth potential it offers you. Evoke reduces the limitations and restrictions and offer greater flexibility during prototyping and app development.

It supports the generation of Web apps, Hybrid apps or you can generate industry standard Visual Studio and Xamarin projects to deploy as native applications, and you always have the option to modify, customise and deploy your apps differently at any time.

Integration with back-end systems and databases.

You can access different databases, different types of databases and bring together information from multiple sources in your application, as well as supporting full integration with back-end systems, and synchronisation between user devices and back-end databases and systems.

Multiple platform.

Evoke’s single design and code base lets you support the deployment of Apps across multiple devices and platforms.

Evoke supports all regular mobile devices including the iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows phone, plus desktop devices including Windows, Linux and Apple.


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